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Why Most Fail to Master the Law of Attraction

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? Perhaps you’ve seen the movie “The Secret”? It is an exciting revelation for many people when they first realize that their thought may, somehow, impact their lives.

Stay positive they say, and your life will attract positive change.

Think about your dreams, appreciate them as if they have already occurred, and magically, your life will improve.

So, off you go… thinking about the things you desire. Thinking about being rich! Thinking about that perfect marriage! This is wonderful!

Then, something happens. The life you are currently living… reminds you where you are. The stresses of daily life cause you to lose focus. Day after day, your life slowly pulls you back into the same routine that has created the life you have. After a while, when the “new” has worn off of this thing called “The Law of Attraction”, you find it more and more difficult to even remember to think about it.

Next thing you know, your life is exactly the way it was BEFORE you saw the “Secret”.

Sound familiar? It might… since over 80% of the people who have reported their interest in the Law of Attraction have also reported this same behavior in the months that follow.

See, we have spent, literally, our entire lives creating an environment that we are currently in. That environment is only content if we stay EXACTLY the way we are. You see, if you change, your environment and you will conflict until one of two things happen:

1.) Your environment changes to be more conducive to the new you.

2.) You revert back to the person that is conducive to the environment.

For many people, this sounds depressing. But it isn’t! It is exciting, because held within this concept is not only the solution to why our efforts in the Law of Attraction have not worked, there is also the key to make changes easier and more efficient in our lives!

Instead of letting our environment conflict, let’s turn the tables! Let’s architect an environment that PULLS us TOWARDS our goals instead of away from them. But how do we do this?

Simple! Imaging the environment you would have if you had achieved your goal and begin creating it. For example, if you want to become a successful business person, it’s safe to assume that if you were successful, you would be associating with other successful business people. So, get off your couch and head out to find people who are successful and start to mingle. It will seem uncomfortable at first.

This is a good thing. That is what it feels like when your environment is now pulling you a different direction. Internally, we are lazy people. When at rest, we want to stay at rest. To create change, you have to put yourself in environments that are new and different. That feeling is a new environment helping to shape a NEW YOU.


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