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How to Use the Law of Attraction in 9 Simple Steps

What is the “The Law of Attraction” exactly? The answer to that question is as simple as the law itself. “The Law of Attraction” is the law by which all things are brought into existence on the earth.

Whether you are aware of it or not, we all use the law on a daily basis to bring about every circumstance that comes into our lives. Everything thing that has ever been and ever will be, began as a simple thought in the MIND and was brought forth on the physical plane through “The Law of Attraction”.

You need only look no further computer screen you are reading this article on to begin to understand this statement. The computer Screen you are reading began first as a thought in the mind of a person before it could ever have been brought forth to you today.


When you become aware of the LAW you begin to realize that everything that has ever happened to you, whether it was good or bad, is your fault. You created it through the actions that began as your thoughts.

So now that you have been briefly introduced to the LAW, let me further illustrate how to law works, with just 9 simple statements.

1: Mind, no matter what form it is apparently contained in, holds images, pictures. And any picture firmly held in any mind, in any form, is bound to come forth.

2: In order that all your wishes or thoughts appear, there should be no other conflicting thoughts present to nullify their power.

3: The consciousness or fixed picture in mind of anything, any condition, any circumstance, is the actual things itself and what you experience through the five senses is the mental picture out-pictured.

4: Our outer mind judges everything by what the eye and ear reports and transmit that message to the Inner. We tend to take pictures of what we experience daily in the outer world, developing the sensitized film, and then printing those pictures upon themselves within. The procedure should be just the reverse.

5: Thus, you have to hold a set definite objective until you reached it. In short, be a deliberate thinker.
6: An important requirement in successful achievement: Secretiveness

7: Dedicate each evening to meditate and firmly impress your being with the words of power. Practice this system every evening as regularly and diligently as your affairs will permit and then forget them entirely until next evening.

8: You need not cast glances out of the corner of your eye to see how the thing is proceeding. You need not set to wondering how the thing works, or if it really is working. You set the objective. You therefore planted the seed. Nothing upon Earth can prevent your objective from becoming externalized, because nothing in the world can nullify Universal Law. You have done your part. Trust the Law to do its part.

9: By all means, practice it.

These 9 simple statements contain the formula by which you will begin to TRANSFORM your life for the better.

Until Next Time:

To Your Success,

A. Friend

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