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How to Use the Law of Attraction and Action

The common mistake that men and women make when using the Law of Attraction is not taking matters into their own hands. People who uses the Law of Attraction oftentimes overlook one factor: action.

Obviously anyone can set out the intention to do something and hoping the universe will hand it over to you on a silver platter. Sadly to say, this does not happen as often as we want. Just having a mental picture of all your dreams isn’t really going to get you very far if you are not willing to put any work into it. Am I trying to say the secret doesn’t work? No, the secret does work and it’s working right now. You simply have to take actions to manifest your desires.

Your dreams aren’t going to manifest alone if your just going to visualize it. That promotion isn’t just going to fall out of the sky and onto your lap if you sit there idle in life. It’s ridiculous to think that your going to get the body you’ve always desired when you sit there eating a pizza watching other people workout, regardless of how hard you visualize it. When applying the law of attraction to your life, merely visualizing is not enough to turn your dreams into a reality. You will actually have to make an effort to earn the income you want, be healthy or find your ideal companion.

Think back to “The Secret”, Jack Canfield shared a story about how he made $100,000 in a year using the law of attraction. Did he use visualization to gain his desired result? Sure he did. But he also took steps when it was necessary. He published a book, he had the idea of promoting it in the Enquirer, and he had a reporter interview him when she approached him. He took inspired actions. Basically the key word here: inspired. When using the law of attraction, you can and should use visualization and positive thinking. If you keep doing these things regularly, you will be drawn to things you might usually not be drawn to. For example, if you’re considering of purchasing a home, you may encounter someone who’s in the real estate business. It is essential that you just follow these nudges find the time to go visit that house and feel what it’s like to be in it. Talk to that real estate agent and find out what he can do to help you manifest your desire of investing in a house. This is what we call the Law of Attraction in action!

If you’re using the law of attraction and taking action is the next step to achieving your goals, don’t hesitate. You may have to work on your self confidence to help you be fearless enough to reach your goals. Getting on the right path to achieving your goals will be easy if you are confident enough as a person to attain them. Using the law of attraction and putting it into action will be as effortless as just visualizing alone.

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