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Tips for Writing Precise Wish Texts and Sayings for Various Life Events Such as Birthdays, Weddings, and Others

Life events like birthdays take place less often and others like weddings take place once in a lifespan. People, therefore, take their time to enjoy the best they can. Since they cannot make happy moments on their own, they invite friends to celebrate with them. In addition to giving presents, loved ones compose wish texts in form of text messages, cards, and others. .

Pay close attention to how you relate with the recipient. In order to have the right words of a wish message, you should consider the duration of your relationship with the recipient and how much you know each. The words you choose for a family member may be heartfelt than those of friends. People you have related with for long share many memories and you can highlight a memory on the message. However, you may need to be a bit reserved when writing wish messages to people you have related for a short time.

Consider the personality of the message recipient. Different people have different personalities hence different tastes and preferences. You are not intending to write wish messages in order to irritate someone and knowing their personality helps a lot in composing the right message. If the recipient is reserved, you need to ensure the wish message is as formal as possible. On the contrary, a carefree recipient can find anything just appealing and you do not have to worry much about choosing the right words.

Ensure religious affiliation is put into consideration. It always inspires when people receive wish messages connoting their faith but are hurt in cases where the message connotes something that is contrary to their faith. You should, therefore, be aware of the recipient’s faith and their level of dedication to the faith. It may not be of much weight failing to include a connotation of a person’s faith if they are less committed to it.

Consider if you will be attending the occasion. The reason you find it necessary to write a wish message is that the person involved gave you an invitation to their occasions. They are hopeful you will attend and they will not just overlook your failure to attend. Writing a message with a phrase displaying your desire to have attended like ‘long I could attend’ will make the person know they are on your mind on their big day. You should however not explain why you were not available on the card.

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